Line Striping

Nothing makes your parking lot stand out more than being newly striped. In fact, your parking lot is one of the first things that your customers see, so you want to be sure to give them a good first impression. You also want to give your customers trouble free parking with proper line striping.

Faded markings are not only dull in their appearance; they also reduce the safety of your visitors. A well-marked and freshly painted parking lot is much more appealing and in addition to providing safety measures, shows that the property manager or owner cares about detail.

We specialize in new striping and re-striping on all sized commercial parking lots. We use the highest quality paints and equipment to paint sharp, straight and uniform markings all with the goal of keeping your premises looking professional and most importantly, safe.

If a specific paint or material is required for code, we can get it. We are familiar with all parking lot codes and laws and will ensure that your business meets all the local and state requirements. We help you get the job done right with affordable prices to meet your budget.

Emmi Property Solutions can handle any size job for your asphalt paint striping marking and/or signage.

What we stripe:

  • parking spaces
  • handicapped spaces
  • arrows
  • curbs
  • speed bumps
  • fire zones


We also can accommodate your need to have parking and/or traffic signs installed. Whether it is a stop sign, handicap sign, or custom traffic signage, we will work with you from start to finish, all while making sure to adhere to code. We order and install municipal grade professional traffic signs that do not rust and withstand harsh weather conditions.